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Hardrock Treff - Tip: CONFESS - BURN EM ALL
Hinzugefügt am: 28.02.2020 17:10
Confess - Burn Em All Art Work

Confess: Burn 'Em All

Melodic Heavy Metal Rock
Released: 28.02.2020
My first and last experience with Sweden's Confess was 2014's Jail, a solid album from New Wave of Scandinavian Sleaze Metal wave, which began at the turn of the 21st century. Three years later, they dropped Haunters, which found the band leaping to the mighty Nuclear Blast record label. I missed that one. Now, after another three years, Confess returns with a new long-player, Burn 'Em All, apparently with some personnel changes in the guitar and bass positions.
What has not changed is Confess' penchant for delivering ambitious, rowdy, and entertaining melodic heavy metal rock with swagger from the Sunset Strip sleaze tradition. You can expect the usual musical suspects: twin guitars for harmony and burning solos, plenty of rock gallop and groove from the rhythm section, and John Elliot's edgy, sometimes punchy punk, vocal style. All these things are wrapped in essential rock harmony, melody, and groove with catchy refrains, which gives Confess some degree of AOR accessibility.

Moving to a selection of songs, you can expect some galloping metal rockers with Malleus, Burn 'Em All, and So What with it's thumping drum start. Confess kicks things into fifth gear with the faster-paced riff and punkish rocker 509. Alternatively, something like A Beautiful Mind turns more upon thick riffs and a heavier bottom end while still offering some speed. Not exactly a ballad, but Is It Love is a bit milder than the rest of the album. The riffs and vocals are harmonious, the groove steady, and the song rises to a roaring, yet melodic, guitar solo. All in all, Confess's Burn 'Em All is simply another fine and entertaining album of their signature melodic metal rock in the grand sleaze tradition. Easily recommended.