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Album der Woche: Popstar Killers - "Driven By Fire"
Author: Medicine Man
Hinzugefügt am: 23.04.2019 10:18

Band/Artist: Popstar Killers
Album Title: Driven By Fire
Label: My Redemption Records
Release Date: April 05, 2019
Genre: Garage Rock, Pop Punk

'Driven By Fire' is the third full length album from the Popstar Killers, but the first official release. It is filled with energetic and catchy songs with a punky alternative edge. Feeling lost in a musical landscape full of extreme directions they followed a simple plan: a punk-rockin' guitar and some cool hooklines decorated with the input of the different musicians characters. The result is an album filled with songs where you can hear and feel the passion and the fire in every line, sometimes kickin', sometimes teasin'. You'll love to get burned.

Influences for the album:
Foo Fighters, Offspring, Social Distortion, Hellacopters, Riverboat Gamblers

Track Suggestions:
Anybody Else
Walking On Clouds Again
Never Forget You
Won't Stop

The Popstar Killers were formed in 2006 by singer and guitarist Alley, his best friend since Kindergarten-times Storry, playing bass and doing backing vocals and drummer Ferdinand. After they knew each other for years and spending most of the time at their favourite pub together but playing in different bands it was overdue at that time to build a new formation. And with their antipathy to the rising flood of TV-casting-shows they pretty soon found their bandname.

To songwriter Alley it seemed to be clear that this was going to be a punkrock band because this was and still is his favourite kind of music, but pretty soon he had to notice that he had to deal with the different influences and preferences of his bandmates which were rooted in different kinds of rock.

After their first album 'Hell In God's Hands' in 2010 with old friend David playing the lead guitar they had to pass the last line-up change, so Matt joined the band in 2013 bringing some bluesy vibes to the Popstar Killers sound. They put out their second album 'for a lifetime, baby' in 2015 saying they will never stop doing, living and playing that Rock'n'Roll thing and got noticed and signed by the German publisher 41065 Musikverlag.

Feeling that this could be the big chance to be heard all over the globe Alley put all his energy, passion, experience and spirit in writing new songs that should be good enough to have a real Rock'n'Roll breakthrough album in the end, following the big dream he and Storry had at the very beginning, at the age of fourteen, to rock the world. And so now here they are, driven by fire!

Alley - vocals, guitar
Storry - bass, backing vocals
Matt - lead guitar
Ferdinand - drums

Track Listing:
1.The Sound Of Fire
2.Anybody Else
3.Some Things
4.Won't Stop
5.Walking On Clouds Again
6.Killing Ain't An Argument
7.Shut Up And Leave
8.Love Is Twisted
9.The Sunshine In Your Mind
10.Never Forget You
11.I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight