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Album der Woche: Bacon Fat - " Heart Rock & Soul Fire "
Author: Medicine Man
Hinzugefügt am: 30.01.2019 22:36

Band/artist: Bacon Fat
Album Title: Bacon Fat - Heart Rock & Soul Fire
Label: Grease it up Music
Release Date: 19th December 2018
Genre: Rock-Stoner-Psychedelic

Description and influences:
Two years after the ‘Band of Brothers’ album Bacon Fat returns with their fifth studio release ‘Heart Rock & Soul Fire’.  This time the material is a little heavier again and that has a lot to do with the new drummer Tommy McDuff who joined the band at the end of 2016.  WIth his hard-rock/metal background he brought in the double kick drums to just fill up them grooves a little more.

And groove is what you get when you listen to the 12 tracks on this CD.  Bacon Fat always loved to mix up different musical styles into their dirty blues-rock and this time it’s just like that.  For obvious reasons the band always has been and always will be compared to ZZ Top.  But then there’s also some rock ’n roll in the vein of Mötorhead and Five Horse Johnson, some stonerrock (Masters of Reality), some psychedelic rock (Monster Magnet, Hawkwind), some reggae rock (Big Sugar) and even 5 seconds of ska.  

Recorded again by Gérald Jans (Channel Zero) at Noise Factory studio in Namur (Belgium) ‘Heart Rock & Soul Fire’ became a very dynamic album with an excellent production.  A video was shot for the promo-single ‘Burning Desire’.  The album was released on December 19th, 2018 on the Grease it up Music label.  

Track Suggestions:
Burning Desire
Gypsy Queen
Little bit a all right

Bacon Fat is a three-piece rock 'n roll band, rooted deeply in the blues and drenched in a hard-rock/funk-soul-reggae/psychedelic fusion sauce.  These guys make sure the 60ies and 70ies musical heritage will live on.  Whether you bang your head on hard-rock, trip away on psychedelic stuff or melt down for smooth howling bluesy guitars and funky beats, it is all there.

The band-name comes from an obscure hit of Andre Williams in 1957 called 'Bacon Fat'.  It fits the band in many ways one could say.  
As with most great performers the best chance for you to feel the vibes from this unique band is to watch Bacon Fat perform live on stage.  Having said that you know what to do!

Detailed Bio:
On July 18th, 2000 Bacon Fat was born.  The original line-up consists next to W. Johnson of Mr Nasty (bass, backings) and Luke Lammenzo (drums).
The CD "Boogielicious Baby" (released December 2004) happened to be the ultimate compilation of the first years of Bacon Fat, completed with 5 new tracks.
April 2006: enter Benjamin Cestillo (Bass, backings) and Rico Gee (drums, backings).
June 2007 marks the release of the second full-CD "Reinventing the Mojo".  
After summer 2011 the boys dive into the studio to record the third Bacon Fat album: "The Art of Freedom".  The album got blessed by great reviews in leading magazines such as RifRaf and MindView.  In early 2012 Benjamin decides to quit the band.  

Instead of looking for a new bass-player, W. brought in Neelzz, a former guitar-student he felt would fit in superbly with the band.  He only needed to learn to play the bass.  After 8 months of intensive rehearsing with W. and Rico he managed to create his own style on the bass-guitar, learn 32 songs including backing vocals and choreography and prove his value for the band in general with his overall attitude.  

The renewed band kicks off with a new show in February 2013, serving a fine mix of all the classics and then some.  The band also wrote some new songs which resulted in a first home-recorded demo at the end of the year.

The Digging for Root Tour saw the new line-up getting tighter and tighter.  On top of that Bacon Fat played it's first show in France.  More new material was produced and during summer a second demo was recorded.  By the start of the second leg of the tour in August it was clear we were dealing with the best incarnation of the band so far.  The show at Fiestas du Rock was shot on DVD and finally 2014 was closed in style with a semi-acoustic appearance on Radio Scorpio in Leuven.

The tour was continued throughout 2015 and clocked in at 37 gigs.  In between the band recorded "Band of Brothers", their fourth album.  The first one to be released on vinyl as well.  Bacon Fat also shot it's first video clip with producer Pascal Baillien (Channel Zero, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike,...) and that set the tone for the theme of the release party and gave it's name to the most successful tour to date: the Heartbreaker Tour 2016.  The band played 31 shows in Belgium, Holland, Germany and France.

After 11 years of full duty Rico Gee decides to quit the band for private reasons.  Enter Rico's former drum teacher: Tommy McDuff.  Tommy has a background in metal but wants to expand his skills.  He combines the feel of Rico with the tight playing of Luke Lammenzo in the early years.  

The Band of Brothers tour started in January 2017 and by the end of 2018 the band played 45 shows, wrote and recorded a new album and teamed up again with director Pascal Baillien for another video.  ‘Heart Rock & Soul Fire’ is released in December.  With their fifth studio album and the accompanying video for ‘Burning Desire’ in the pocket Bacon Fat is ready to launch itself again onto the stage in 2019.

Heart Rock & Soul Fire 2018

Band of Brothers 2016

The Art of Freedom 2011
Reinventing the Mojo 2007
Boogielicious Baby 2004

Band Line-Up:
W. Johnson – vocals, guitars
Neelzz – bass, backing vocals
Tommy McDuff – drums, backing vocals