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Album der Woche: Jeremys Retorts - " The Inevable "
Author: Medicine Man
Hinzugefügt am: 24.01.2019 14:00

Band / Artist: Jeremy’s Retort
Album Title: The Inevitable
Label: Independent
Release date: Out Now
Genre: Alternative Metal

The Inevitable is the first official release from Jeremy’s Retort. The album is a cohesive blend of metal, thrash, progressive rock, dynamic vocals, and contemplative lyrics with a wide spectrum of sheer intensity. The Inevitable is a journey through the darkness of the human condition searching for a glimpse of light.

Influences for the album:
Alice in Chains, Stone Sour, Volbeat, everyday life

Track Suggestions:
The Inevitable
This Is The End

Jeremy’s Retort was formed by songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist Jeremy Bryan. From inception, the motto of Jeremy’s Retort is expression. Express the things you see, things you feel, and things you know to be true in your heart. Jeremy incorporates this motto into all of the songs he has written. Jeremy’s Retort first began as a lengthy demo, with Jeremy performing all of the parts. From there Jeremy reached out to friend, former bandmate and drummer, Zack Norton to apply his drumming skills to the best songs on the demo. Longtime friend, ex bandmate, and bassist, Kevin Card, joined the group shortly after. With the core members of Jeremy’s Retort in place, it was time to focus on recording an album.

The Inevitable was recorded at Colorado Sound Studios in Denver, Colorado. The chief engineer, Jesse O’Brien, has produced and engineered a number of major artists such as Widespread Panic, Flobots, and The Lumineers. The Inevitable was recorded over the time span of roughly one year and six months, with the band taking plenty of time to make sure everything was sounding and feeling the way it was intended. The songs are heavy, melodic, dynamic, lyrically stimulating, and artistically gratifying with the desired spectrum of intensity. The result is an album Jeremy, Zack, and Kevin are very proud to be a part of. Jeremy’s Retort intends to spread their music to rock and metal fans around the globe in whichever capacity they are able.

Band Line-up:
Jeremy Bryan – lead vocals/guitar
Kevin Card – bass/backing vocals
Zack Norton – drums

Track Listing:
2.Pain You Feel
4.Lose Control
6.The Inevitable
9.This Is The End